Find out more about me in an interview I did in January 2018 for Pez Cycling:

I grew up riding at Herne Hill Velodrome and racing for the Velo Club Londres on the road and track as a youth and then junior.

At the end of the 2015 season I went to race in Spain for a few months as a second-year junior. I had raced in Spain before but never for more than a few races at a time and never as part of a team. Thanks to a good friend of mine Sergio Marques, I was able to ride for Assesores de Navarra who welcomed me as one of the team. With Assesores I improved my Spanish and helped the team to some notable results as well as getting on the podium for myself several times. This earned me a place on the Caja Rural – Seguros RGA U23 and Elite team for the 2016 season where I was able to race at a high level and learn a lot about the sport. For the 2017 season I rode for a new U23 and Elite team – Escribano Team and was supported by the Dave Rayner Fund.


In 2018, once again I will be supported by the Dave Rayner Fund, I will be riding for Eiser Hirumet. I plan to keep regular entries on my experiences this year as well as sharing some anecdotes from previous years.